Hi friends!

I thought I would share a few recipes that have recently made it onto our table. I am a big fan of easy but flavorful recipes. When it comes to dinner, I want meals that are filling and plentiful, meaning there are leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day. These three meals were satisfying and simple!

Korean Turkey and Broccoli over Rice

This is originally called 15 minute Quinoa and Korean Beef Bowl. I made some tweaks to the recipe by using ground turkey, rice pilaf, only about 1/3 cup brown sugar, and I added broccoli! I actually made this for dinner last night for a friend so I’m glad it turned out to be so delicious. It has few and simple ingredients, many of which I already had. It made me feel like I was eating takeout. I will probably make this weekly until I get tired of it. There were no leftovers (well, enough for Nick to take to lunch) so I’ll have to double it next time.


*Image from the original recipe.

One Pan Sausage, Broccoli, and Parmesan Pasta

This dish was so good! I wanted to make pasta since it’s typically easy (easiest being a box of pasta and jar of sauce, yes please) and abundant, but Nick’s not a huge fan of red sauce (weirdo) so I gave this a try. It was wonderful. Nick ended up taking it to lunch the next day and having it for dinner when he got home. Again, it’s a recipe with few ingredients. This meal was great because it’s one pot and it has all of the nutrients in it: carbs (pasta), protein (sausage), fat (cheese), and fiber (broccoli)! The only thing I did differently was that I used Italian turkey sausage and a different type of pasta, but those items are definitely interchangeable.


*Image from the original recipe.

Ground Turkey Mexican Lasagna

We are big fans of this recipe. I usually call it deconstructed enchiladas because it tastes a lot like enchilada but without all the hassle of making them. It makes a lot of food in no time, so if you love leftovers like me this is for you! It’s layered with turkey, black beans, corn, cheese, tortillas, tomatoes, and spices. While it is filling, when I made it I knew it wouldn’t be enough for me or the hubby so I made some rice to have with it which completed the meal for me!


*Image from the original recipe.

What meals have been in your rotation? And do you love leftovers as much as I do or do you make just enough?



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