I’ve been in Charleston, WV with Nick since Sunday night. He had to take a class to get certified to sell insurance, and he didn’t want to come alone (I didn’t want him to eitehr) so I tagged along. It’s been quite the BORE. He’s in class until 5 pm so I’m just left to be productive (LOL). Most of my days have consisted of reading, working out in the hotel gym, finding a thrift store, and waiting for Nick to get out for breaks and lunch. I did find a cafe, Cafe Crema, and I’ve eaten breakfast or lunch there everyday. It’s fab. We have eaten out every meal which was fun and spontaneous at first but now it’s exhausting and I miss home cooked meals. I think the worst part has been not having Piper around. I’ve missed her terribly and I am thrilled to go get her tonight. Anyway, enjoy some random, unexciting pictures from the trip.


Speaking of Piper, this is our new puppy I briefly mentioned in my pregnancy update. She is now two months old and she is a firecracker. She has so much personality and I can’t imagine life before her. She eats everything and I mean everything. I pull rocks, sticks, and plastic toys out of her mouth at least 10 times a day. Yes, she has swallowed a few. She stares at her food bag and cries and she barks at herself in the mirror. She follows us everywhere and whines out of confusion when I’m in one room and Nick is in the other. My favorite moment with her is when she first wakes up from napping and she walks in to find me. I pick her up and she lays her head on my shoulder until she’s fully awake. One day she will be much bigger so this won’t be a thing. But then after that moment it’s back to biting and eating everything she’s not suppose to.


Women of the Word – Jen Wilkin

I brought this book to read with me on the trip and it’s awesome! I read her book None Like Him and I loved her writing and sound theology so I couldn’t imagine not enjoying this one. The book is about studying the Bible with purpose and using our minds to know more about the God that we serve. I quoted her in my recent post which gives a good idea of the book. She said, “The heart cannot love what the mind does not know.” I think as women it’s easy to be fueled by feelings or we can feel inadequate when it comes to theology. But it’s is vital to our spiritual growth and true worship for God. (Btw: Click on the title and it will take you to the book on Amazon!)

Current Pregnancy Struggle

We’re are now 27 weeks pregnant, a week away from the third trimester! It’s emotional and I can’t put into words everything I’m feeling. But my biggest struggle right now is that it feels like I have been and will be pregnant forever. It feels like I will never be able to run again, eat (normal) again, wear jeans again, etc. I know that it’s not true and it’s actually right around the corner, but pregnancy is so intense and it feels like it’s never ending. Another uncomfortable feeling I’m having is with the fact that we don’t have a home (we’re with Nick’s dad) and there’s nowhere for baby Hart to go. I joke that he will have to sleep with Piper but seriously, our room is already a closet. With that said, it’s all going to be worth it and in 92 days (give or take) we will be meeting baby Hart.



I finally broke down and ordered myself a pair of Chaco’s. For the longest time it was a definite no because they are so expensive. At least, $120 pair of shoes is outrageous to me. But Nicklaus got a pair for Christmas and wears them all the time, everywhere. They really are versatile and durable. I have been wearing them for a week and I love them! They’re comfortable and I put them on with any outfit. I bought a black and white pair so that they would go with anything. My biggest critique is that the rubber on the back and insides is giving me painful blisters, even causing blood. If that doesn’t get better that will be an issue, but I’m giving it some time!

Tell me: What’s something new or unusual in your life? A book, feeling, friend, life change, etc?

Hope you’re having a good weekend!



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