Hi Friends!

I am currently 24 weeks pregnant (a day from 25!), and with every passing week I am feeling much better! I can eat now without feeling sick afterward, and sometimes I don’t have that nasty metal taste in my mouth…JOY! A few weeks ago we had an anatomy scan and it was 45 minutes of pure bliss. We saw the baby from every angle and the doctor was able to confirm that our baby was a BOY. I could not be more excited than to have a little Nicklaus running around the house… at least, I think.

IMG_3267While my sleep hasn’t gotten much better, I have significantly more energy, and bodily movement has been more enjoyable. I’ve been able to run about four days a week, which was impossible in the first trimester. It is a little bittersweet, looking back to a year ago when I was training for a marathon, running 45+ miles a week. Now I’m running at a peak of 2-3 miles each time. But it’s okay because baby Hart is worth it. One day he will help me make up for all of these miles I couldn’t run… that is, if he doesn’t take after his father (don’t tell him I said that).

As for food: I haven’t been a fan of anything sweet (oatmeal, ice cream, chocolate). I’m still really into eggs, meat, and cheese… anything savory. Gross, by my husband’s estimation. I haven’t touched a banana the entire pregnancy, but I have been eating almond butter again! Joy in the little things.

My belly is popping out more and more, and my belly button has nearly ceased to be an inny. Baby Hart moves regularly, and it always makes me stop and touch my belly. I can’t explain what it feels like. It’s literally a little human punching around on the inside, but it’s a good punch, a miraculous punch. He gets a workout in around 3 am, keeping me entertained while I can’t sleep. My favorite part is when Nick is able to feel him or see my stomach move. Though, it’s not often because Nick is impatient and baby Hart is shy. My friend (hi Emma!) felt him last week and that was a sweet moment.

IMG_3491Lastly, at the beginning of the pregnancy I was sure I wanted an epidural. But as we encroach upon baby’s arrival, I’ve been questioning it. I think my plan is to go without it, but I’m open-minded. If it’s necessary or I can’t bear it, I’ll get it. I’m definitely not against it! I am curious of my mama readers: Did you go without the epidural? What was your experience? Have you given birth with and without it? If so, which do you prefer?

We are beyond excited to meet baby Hart!

P.S. We got a new puppy, Piper, and she’s so fun! I can’t wait for Baby Hart to meet her.


That’s all for now! Enjoy the rest of your week!



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