Weekend Recap

Hello friends! I hope you had an up to par weekend. Other than my weird sleeping recently, mine was a good one!

Friday afternoon I had my second meeting with Kylie. It was another goodie! We’re working on challenging “food rules” that go through my head, whether I adhere to them or not. After the meeting, Nick and I picked up his new glasses, and drove around Elkins (we were BORED). We ended up driving by one of our high school teachers’ house and stopped by (creepy I know). He invited us in and we talked for like an hour. Then he handed us cash and told us our movie was on him. Tear. What a nice fellow – shout out to Coach Hott. That was probably the highlight of my time in Elkins.

We went home and ate a quick, early dinner. I had a taco salad with leftover rotisserie chicken, lettuce, veggies, a ton of blue corn tortilla chips, cheese, salsa, and hot sauce. Then we went to the movies to see Black Panther. OH MY GOSH. It was incredible. I can’t say enough good things about it. I could watch it everyday and still love it the same. So I say: if you haven’t seen it. GO. Now. Don’t wait. Oh, I snuck in snacks – popcorn and a couple of my peanut butter chocolate chip oatmeal cookies because I ain’t about those movie theater prices.

Saturday morning I read scripture + drank coffee + ate a banana. Then I worked out – a Fitness Blender lower body workout. For breakfast I had some oats with a square of dark chocolate and almond butter. The hubby and I had plans to go to the mall so midmorning we left. It’s about an hour and fifteen minute drive. We stopped at Panera first. I got the Turkey and Avocado BLT but without avocado and mayo (lol) and I added white cheddar. We also grabbed lattes from Starbucks.

IMG_2587Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

We shopped for about two hours which is about an hour too long. Shopping exhausts me. But I got a new dress and a new shirt so that’s a win. Nick got like three bags worth but that’s nothing new… We headed back home and I was in and out of sleep the whole way back. I lounged around for a bit before starting a new book called a Lineage of Grace. It’s by Francine Rivers and she is one of my absolute favorite authors. My favorite series is written by her (Mark of the Lion). I snacked on half a banana with pb and some popcorn.


For dinner I made one of Amy’s Margherita pizza, which is so yummy! I had half of it with a salad with Simple Truth Organic’s white balsamic dressing. I’m thinking next time I have one I’ll add some toppings like banana peppers. I loosely watched the basketball game the boys were watching while also reading. Shortly after dinner I wanted something sweet so I snacked on some more cookies.

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Sunday morning I was awake bright and early. I don’t know what my body is doing but if it wants to sleep past 4 am that would be super cool. I read and drank coffee as per usual. Then I snacked on a banana while I clean out the fridge. I decided to try some type of baked oatmeal that also tasted like french toast so I did. You can find what I did here. It wasn’t too bad! I definitely want to mess around with it more but I enjoyed it. Also, I have two bananas before 9 am most mornings. I have a problem.

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Even though I was pooped, we went to church. The message was on the Kingdom of Heaven – what scripture says about it and the result of it. There are two kingdoms and only two: the Kingdom of Heaven – God and the kingdom of darkness and sin. There is no kingdom of Brooke and I can’t serve two, three, or four masters. I serve one God and am a part of his kingdom that leads to life. Okay, that’s all. For lunch I had some leftover soup (I promise I plan on sharing this recipe) with a slice of white cheddar in it.


After lunch Nick and I went on a short walk (like fifteen minutes because it was freezing). Then I did some stretching before we had to help Nick’s mom. We picked up an almond milk latte and I also grabbed an Rx bar for a snack. I was too tired to really help so I sat in the car for the second half of it all. Afterward we went home to get ready to meet Nick’s sister, fiance, and dad for dinner. We went to Smoke on the Water which is the second time Nick and I have been here this week and about the sixth since we’ve been in Elkins. It’s great.

I tried something new and got the fried green tomato BLT with some sweet potato fries. Ya’ll. This was insane. It had fried green tomatoes, pepper bacon, lettuce, cheese, and a chipotle mayo. I devoured this entire meal. It was too good. We had a really good time hanging out with them, especially since it will probably be the last time we see them before we leave. We went straight to bed when we got back home.


Speaking of leaving, that has been a whirl wind. We’ve been waiting for the confirmation for Nick’s job (which we got last week yay!) and we have been on the hunt for a home. That has been so stressful. People don’t want to talk to people who live fourteen hours away. We applied to rent a home last week, so hopefully they call us back today. Fingers crossed. Our plan is to leave Feb. 28th, next Wednesday. Keep us in your prayers! 🙂

It was a good weekend. I’m super excited to get through this last week here. We are getting antsy and ready to begin this move. I have a good bit on the agenda to get done before we leave, including a dentist appointment on Wednesday, gross. Side note: It’s supposed to be 77 degrees tomorrow. WHAT!! I’m just going to sit outside all day on the grass and eat ice cream. That’s my plan.

What did you do this weekend?! Comment below!