Weekend Recap

HAPPY MONDAY! Monday can be happy. Try hard. Coffee helps.

Friday was a weird day. But a good one! There’s a ton of stuff happening in our lives so we’re taking it day by day. Mid-morning I went for a run for the first time in months and let me tell ya… it was tough. I’m still so sore and I only ran 2 miles (with a couple stops here and there). So advice for anyone who hasn’t ran in a while and is thinking about it: don’t.

I’ve been really snacky lately so I have random snack plates like the one below along with a banana with almond butter.

IMG_2416At 2:30 I had my first meeting with Kylie and it was really great! She mostly asked questions to get to know me and understand where I’m at right now. It wasn’t necessary for me to have a meal plan, as I eat regularly and enough. We are more so working on breaking rigid food rules and tapping into my hunger and fullness! I meet with her again on Thursday. It felt so safe and encouraging talking to someone who understands struggles with food!

Friday evening I ate leftover vegetable soup for dinner with feta on top and crackers. This soup is awesome! I think I’ll try it again next week but add turkey to it. I also think I’ll share the recipe. I ate a Perfect Bar sometime after this bowl because I was hungry and then I went to bed around 8. I haven’t been sleeping well so I’ve been tapping out even earlier than usual.

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Saturday I was SO tired. I’m like, “Okay body, you can sleep. I promise.” So I took it easy. I went to Walmart to search for some pants that fit and then came home and had a wonderful breakfast sandwich for breakfast: a plain Simple Truth Organic bagel, turkey bacon, egg, and cheddar all dipped in ketchup and a banana on the side. Yum!

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetThen I went to visit my grandparents. I picked up a vanilla almond milk latte. I’m obsessed. I spent a good bit of time there. Then I went home and rested. I ended up snacking for lunch and I actually don’t remember what I had… just a bunch of random snacks probably involving hummus and almond butter. In the afternoon, Nick and I went on a walk. It was nice to get out of the house! It was also like 50 degrees so that’s awesome.

Nick finally got his diploma in the mail so my mother in law wanted to go out for dinner. We went to Cj Maggies, which we’ve been going to regularly since being here. I started with a house salad and the BEST EVER honey mustard. It’s homemade and seriously award winning. For my meal I got the chicken quesadilla which was also really good! I could only eat two of them and all of the chips. A bit later we decided we wanted ice cream. I ate half of this reese’s blizzard which was exactly what I wanted.

Sunday morning I drank some coffee and read my bible. Then I ate a banana and did a lower body workout. Before church I ate some oats. I added dates to this bowl and it was fab! Then off to church we went.

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After church I quickly ate lunch (an egg and cheese sandwich dipped in ketchup, veggies and hummus, and chocolate) before going to see my dad. I visited with him for a bit and then went to the store to pick up stuff for dinner.

For about an hour, I sat in the car because Nick went to see his grandma 30 minutes away and I forgot I don’t have a key to his dad’s house. It was kind of horrible but I listened to podcasts so that helped. Oh and I had a perfect bar so I wasn’t hangry. When they finally got back and I got inside, I decided to bake some cookies. These are peanut butter chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and they are my new favorite! I will be sharing the recipe soon.


For dinner I made turkey burgers. I added oats, egg, lemon juice, and different spices. I think I’ll also share the recipe for these because they were yummy. I had a salad and some popcorn on the side. Nick made asparagus but I am not a fan. Ew.


For the rest of the evening we watched Netflix and I had two of my peanut butter cookies!

I don’t know why I’m not sleeping through the night but it’s pretty lame. I’m just taking it slow and resting when I can! It’s snowing here today, boo! But that’s okay. Nick has to drive a couple hours away to do a few things for the job in Florida. I opted out of going with him. I’m thinking I’ll pick up a latte and peruse some thrift shops. 🙂

What fun things did you do this weekend? What yummy things did you eat?