Happy Wednesday! It’s time to share another five things that I’ve been into/using lately. I didn’t realize how many things and resources I actually utilize. It’s fun to share! I’ve provided links to each item so that you can check it out if it interests you! *Just click on the underlined piece.

1. Love Real Food Cookbook

I wanted to make dinners more interesting so I searched around on Amazon and came across this book. I actually downloaded the Kindle app so that I could download it for $10 on it. The next night I made the sweet potato and black bean enchilada’s and oh my gosh!! They were wonderful. They did take about an hour and a half but most of that time was baking time. It was definitely worth it. My meat lovin’, picky husband ate three that night and three the next day. So yeah, get this and make the enchilada’s.

Real Food

2. Mascara

I decided to begin trying out new types of natural makeup as I started running out of my current make up. First up to the plate was mascara. I search around and I found this Organic Wear brand. I actually really love it! It’s cheaper than most brands I’ve used and not only is it derived from natural things, it looks natural! It’s not clumpy and my eye lashes are noticeably longer. I will probably continue to use this one because it’s working for me right now.


3. Perfect Bar

Ya’ll. Perfect bars are FIRE. I could actually live off of these. Specifically, I am a huge fan of the peanut butter and almond butter flavors. They are dense, filling, nutritious, and delicious. You can cut them up and put them in your oats, on your toast, or they are perfectly perfect (see what I did there) on its own. Even the hubby likes them and he never likes any type of bar.

Perfect Bar AB

4. She Proves Faithful Podcast

This woman, Lauren, is so, so sweet. She shares her joy in Jesus and the truth of the living Word of God. She has a new episode every Wednesday and I love it when she’s a part of my day! A few of my favorite’s have been episode 61: Giving a Defense for the Hope We Have and episode 52: The Body Image Struggle. Ladies, God commands us to be in Scripture. Our knowledge and view of God is everything and we get to know Him by His Word. Thank the Lord He gives us resources and raises up his people to share wisdom. If you desire growth in your faith, theology, and community, check her out!

She proves faithful

5. Theo’s Dark Chocolate

I have a very large (huge) sweet tooth. I like to end lunch or dinner with chocolate or a dessert that I’ve made. I almost always have Theo’s chocolate in my purse. Lately Nick has been stealing some so I’m going to have to start hiding it better. My fave flavor right now is the Almond Sea Salt. The ingredients list is great and the flavor is incredible. I don’t know when my love for dark chocolate came to be but I’m going with it. I’ve been putting it into my oats, in my yogurt, and on my toast. Nick put it into his hot chocolate the other day so there’s an idea!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Alright. There you have it! I hope some of these things appeal to you! Let me know if they do. I love to hear your thoughts! Tell me: What’s one thing (food, make-up, podcast, book, clothing, etc.) that you’re loving right now?

Have a fab Wednesday!


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