Weekend Recap

Hey all and happy Monday! Stopping in for another weekend recap.

Friday was a super chill day! Like I did a whole lot of nothing. I spent the morning in my sweats finishing up a post and eatin’ oats and drinkin’ coffee. Around 11 I felt like moving so I did a lower body workout. After I showered, I made a random plate of nachos: blue corn tortilla chips, steamed veggies, hot sauce, shredded rotisserie chicken, cheese, and salsa. I ended up having a banana with almond butter because always hungry.


Nick and I decided to get out of the house so we picked up lattes and spent the afternoon at my grandparents. When we got back home, I spent a while working on the blog before heating up some chili for dinner. I had this big bowl with some crackers and it was perfect for the occasion – the occasion being 14 degrees. Like the socks, eh?

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We literally didn’t do anything but watch a couple episodes on Netflix before going to bed at 8:45… don’t judge me. I did snack on a huge bowl of popcorn with some dark chocolate while we watched tv.

Saturday morning I woke up at 5:20 and did random things before sitting down and reading/drinking my coffee. I got ready and then made myself some breakfast before we had to help my mother in law move. I tell ya, I am getting real sick and tired of all this moving. HELP. Anyway, we stopped for coffee so that’s a plus. I went with a vanilla latte (cappuccino if you will) with almond milk.


We went thrift shopping after and I got a shirt dress, a jean button up, and a sweater. SCORE. I also saw a mug with a frog inside of it (see below)… It kind of weirds me out; it’s kind of awesome. I basically just snacked for lunch. I had an almond butter perfect bar in the car, and when we got home I had a big plate of popcorn, veggies with hummus, and banana with almond butter. Oh, and a cup of decaf.



I did some chores, which is weird because I’m not in my own place but it was nice to do some house work. I read a couple chapters of my book (which I am totally slacking on) and then got ready to go to dinner with Nick’s mom. We went to a place called Smoke on the Water which we are big fans of. I started with a garden salad with balsamic and I ordered a glass of Moscato. For my meal I got a burger with all the fixins’ and the best ever waffle sweet potato fries. It was super satisfying.

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Sunday morning started with some coffee and reading, then an upper body/cardio workout. I made a bowl of oats before we headed to church. I also grabbed another cup of coffee to go. We haven’t been to a morning church gathering in a while since our gathering in Fairmont was in the evening so it was a nice change of pace! We knew everybody at the church we attended so it was wonderful to catch up with them. After church I made a quick lunch: club sandwich with leftover rotisserie chicken. I had a side of steamed veggies covered in hot sauce.


Sunday afternoon I tested a recipe which I ended up posting. These Gingerbread Muffins are SO GOOD. I ate one with a cup of decaf and I was in muffin heaven. Definitely give them a try. I promise you won’t regret it.

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We went to one of Nick’s family friend’s to watch some of the Super Bowl. I honestly have no interest (gasp) but it was fun spending time with people! We picked up some pizza and brought it. I had two plates of food which included some chicken and veggie pizza, quesadillas of some sort, and veggies + dip. Then I had a slice of this banana cake with caramel icing which was crazy good (also half gone in the pic because I couldn’t wait).

This morning I’m just going slow and getting ready for the day. We’re heading over to a friend couple’s house later to hang out, catch up, drink coffee, and snack. I woke up to snow again today so I guess you could say I’m more than ready to get to Florida. I hope you have a fantastic day!

Happy Monday Friends!