Alright, ya’ll. I told you that we had a big life change happening soon and here it is… Nick and I are moving to Leesburg, FL. That’s Florida… 14 hours away from home… WHAT?!

So here it is. A little while ago, by the providence of God, we starting talking to a couple (hey Ryan!) who’s currently living in Leesburg. Ryan is the brother of Nick’s best man (hey Jordan!). He is in the process of launching Remnant Church and he reached out to us and asked if we would be interested in joining him, his family, and other brothers/sisters who are committing to Remnant.

We were open minded and willing to explore this more, but to be honest that’s really all I thought it would be. We took time having conversations with Ryan and his wife, seeking the Lord in prayer, and asking ourselves hard questions.  We have been in Fairmont working and striving to commit ourselves to the Lord and daily we felt that we were waiting for something. There’s no doubt that God has been preparing and strengthening us for this. When we looked back and saw the Lord’s faithfulness and work in our lives, the answer was clear.

Side note: Not too long ago we were asked to help with a different church plant, but we knew it wasn’t the Lord’s will for us. We’ve had this intense desire to help plant a church, a diverse church at that, so to turn the first opportunity away was difficult. A good amount of time passed, and then Ryan shared his vision for Remnant. We were speechless and almost immediately on board. His vision for this church was (and is!) a beautiful embodiment of a gospel centered, multi-cultured people of God worshipping to the glory of God. This was something we had desired to be apart of for a long time. And now we find ourselves in the process of leaving our home and relocating our life.

With that, we said yes! We are currently waiting to hear back about a job position for Nick (he has an interview coming up!). We’re also on the hunt for a house to rent which is seriously SO stressful. But alas, the Lord shall provide. This is our last month in our apartment so I have been cleaning and packing like a mad woman, while also finishing up work (the 31st is my last day). The plan is to stay with Nick’s dad in Elkins, our hometown, until we make the move to Leesburg. We suspect it will be within 3-4 weeks.

I feel so many different things: excitement, joy, and peace but I also feel grief, sadness, and uncertainty… it’s such a whirlwind of emotions that I can’t reconcile them. I know that the peace I feel is from the Lord and I know that we are following him in obedience. I am grieving because of my family and friends. It is bittersweet, but I also know that we have a whole lot of family waiting for us in Leesburg!

The next couple of weeks we’re going to be living out of our suit cases. There’s going to be a lot of eating out and a lot of reading/resting/coffee shoppin’. All of this is going to challenge my need for routine (with life, food, exercise, scripture, etc) and my need to be constantly moving. Also, this move is really testing our “adulting,” which is rough around the edges, but we’re working on it.

I will still be posting regularly (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and I will be sharing this whole process with you! All of the good and fun and all of the hard and not so fun. Please be praying for us!

Happy Friday, friends!



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