Hey all! I hope you’re having an awesome week. I have a bit of a cold which is not normal. I never get sick. I tend to push through anything and go, go, go. But the next few days I am trying to slow down and let my body rest.

I thought I’d share some things I have been loving recently! I’ll probably do this every month or so, depending on how much changes. It’s hard to know with me… Also, next week be on the lookout for a big news post. We are about to make a pretty big life change and I am excited to share it with you. Now onto the fun stuff!

I recently started this book and I am really enjoying it. She focuses on God’s infiniteness– every attribute of God is limitless. We, however, do have limitations so we seek his limitless power, glory, and authority. We want to BE God. The book is full of hope. We are image bearers within the limit of human existence and that’s a good thing.


This band is SO good. On my days off I will literally listen to them all day while I clean or bake. The two songs I repeat the most would probably be “Band of Gold” and “This my Soul.” Seriously, stop what you’re doing and go listen to them.

The Gray Havens

I have been listening to this podcast for a couple of months. It is extremely insightful. She talks with many knowledgable and passionate women on many topics such as healing a relationship with food/exercise, food addiction, diet culture, intuitive eating, and much more. I have gained a lot of understanding and it’s challenged me with my personal relationship with food/exercise. If this interests you or sounds like something you think you struggle with, definitely check it out.


  • Coffee

Well, duh… But how I drink my coffee changes from day to day. Actually from cup to cup. I have been really into this organic hazelnut and vanilla half and half. It’s creamy and it has a natural flavor to it as opposed to just a milky flavor. My first cup always gets a splash of it. Sometimes my second cup does as well. If I am at a coffee shop and want a cup of coffee, I will add a splash of whole milk. A couple times a week I will have a latte. My favorite is from the shop where I work. It’s two pumps of vanilla, a sprinkle of cinnamon, two shots of espresso, and steamed macadamia milk. It is seriously delicious.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I bought these (pictured above) from the Shoe Department on sale for $20! I almost didn’t get them but my husband convinced me and I am so glad he did. I love them and they pair well with pretty much anything. I will be able to wear them every season (I think) and they’re actually comfortable.

There you have it! I hope that I have introduced you to some things you might enjoy as much as I do. What are things (music, books, podcasts, etc) that you have been into? Comment below!

Happy Wednesday!



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